Christmas Market promo at All Slots Grants

Times are only getting more and more exciting as the casino’s in Australia are getting better. More surprises, better bonuses and improving gaming conditions make each promo better than the previous one, and players are the main ones to benefit from this situation.

Christmas, which is known as a magical time of the year, lets people from all around the world enjoy beautiful decorations, cheery music, and a quality time with family and friends. Casinos, just as well, realize there is no better time than the holidays, to let players enjoy a quality time with their favourite games and the promotions are certainly considered as a great way to make it happen.

Free spins bonuses, cashback bonuses, $25, 000 bonus shared prize, and many other great surprises will totally be included in the great experience in which the only thing you will want to do would be Play to Win – Christmas Market promo at All Slots!

How Do I Start?

First step required is picking up a casino. There are a lot of great casinos hosting the promotion this time, and players would definitely like to know that among others, they will be able to find All Slots Casino, VIP Lounge Casino, Wild Jack Casino, First Web Casino, and even All Jackpots Casino.

Many players seize the fact they are exposed to all of these of casinos now, as they know they all host Christmas Market promotion, and they decide to further learn about each casino. Usually, players doing so quickly find out that each such casino has an incredible offering of welcome packages and casino games. All Slots Casino games, for example, are definitely considered to be top ranked games, although many other casinos offer just as unique and remarkable games.

How Quick Can I Get Started?

Getting started can be done at any given moment. The promotion starts on Sunday, November 25 th, 7: 00 AM GMT. From that moment on, players are welcome to start playing and accumulating points which will serve them as they get closer and closer to the big prizes. After a month of celebrations and fun, the promo will come to an end at December 25 th, 23: 59 PM GMT. At that moment, the special and main event of the promotions will be taking place.

What Is the Main Event?

The main event is also known as the Draw Day. The Draw Day will be taking place on December 26 th. In this event tickets will be drawn, and players whose tickets were drawn will be able to win a shared prize of $25, 000 bonus.

The bonus will be divided among the players in the following way: 1000 players will be able to enjoy $5 bonus, while 250 players will be glad to receive $10 bonus. 100 winners will be lucky enough to get $25 bonus, and 50 players will be the winners who enjoy $50 bonus. 25 lucky players will win nothing less than $100 bonus and 10 participants of the promotion will receive a special grant of $500 bonus. Last but not least are the most special and fortunate players who will be announced as the winners of the big $1000 bonus prize.

How Can I Win These Prizes?

In order to win a prize, a ticket that the player holds should be drawn at the Draw Day. Therefore, the more tickets each player holds, the better his chances to win get. So, how can players get the tickets? The first step that has to be taken is to enjoy as much as possible! Players can play the games at the promotion, participate in other promotions of the casino, and even play the different games of the casino. By playing the games and the promotions, the players actually get to accumulate multiple loyalty points, and as long as the promotion is going on, these points will also be equivalent to Christmas Coins which will be added to the account balance of the player.

The Christmas Coins will serve the players a they buy bonuses in the store, and each purchase of a bonus will grant the player with one ticket. It is good to remember that although accumulating the points is done by collecting more loyalty points, purchasing the bonuses with the Christmas Coins does not affect the loyalty points and the loyalty tiers of the casino at all.

What Bonuses Are Offered?

These bonuses may be accounted as the best bonuses offered at all promotions in the past few years. Free bonus, free spins bonus, and cashback bonus are the ones that players will be able to purchase once they accumulate enough coins.

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