Jurassic Park Online Pokies Review

It is widely known today that a fine casino game is made of a great gaming atmosphere with all the relevant features as well as versified gambling features you can deeply enjoy from. You surely want to know that the game you play at will, on the one hand, give you the great thrill made of the sense of uncertainty, and on the other hand let you control a little bit the expected results of the game so you will have power I your hands. No matter if you are the”bossy”type of gambler or a”passive”one, or even if you like to combine between the both, All Slots Casino pokies gives you the opportunity to enjoy both worlds on the finest and most highly rated casino game that (we surely must mention) will benefit you greatly with more rewards than you can ever imagine!

What Power Do I Have in My Hands at Jurassic Park Online Pokies?

A lot. As previously mentioned, you can decide exactly how you want to bet and deposit at this pokies game and change your methods as the spins go by.


It is completely your decision if you want to bet high or low and if you want to change it as the game goes on. One of the most common mistakes of new players is the fear of starting too high with the thought they cannot reduce the deposited amount later. Exactly for this, you have the + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen and they keep on being available all game long. If you feel more confident and want to deposit more credits, simply press +. If you want to take it slow or better examine your environment, use the – button. You can make as many changes as you want!


Some of the gamblers, find it really fun to watch the game playing it all for them. And it’s completely understood. Seeing how more and more credits are being gained, benefits are being won and spins working for your best is really fun when you grab yourself something nice to drink or eat and simply look at the screen. For such cases exactly, the Auto – Play mode was invented and it has a lot of features.

Whether you want to give it a try and simply spin 5 times, or you know it’s gonna take a while and you go for the max which is 500, and even if you are somewhere in-between and 15, 25, 100 or 250 spins are just what you want – the Auto Play Mode is there to serve you well. So get in the game, adjust it however you want, and remember even if you choose the reels to stop when all auto spins end, or you want the feature to quit working once a certain number of credits is gained, the power is ALWAYS in your hands. The STOP button will be there for you at the bottom of the screen in any case you would like to switch modes.

Free Spins Pokies, T REX ALERT and Special Symbols

It is widely agreed that the benefits at the online pokies games for Australians existing at All Slots are simply the best, and when it comes to Jurassic Park they are highly preferred among all others. Honestly? There is a very good reason for that. You are just about to discover the multiple rewards you will enjoy once you opt for this game:

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