Leo Vegas Overview

One of the best designed casinos out there, these guys want you to play! They don’t you to come to their casino and be one of those guys who wander around with a glass in his hand like a lost soul who doesn’t know what to do; whistling to himself while looking around nervously; regretting coming and thinking about work or something else he shouldn’t be thinking about in a casino. They hate guys like that! They want you to get stuck right into it, start having fun and leave your petty concerns at home!

Unless, you have a decent mobile phone on you and you’re at somebody else’s casino. Then they want you to whip out your phone, load up LeoVegas. com and start having a ping while you’re waiting for your wife to come back from the bathroom. If you’re one of those guys, then whistle heartily my friend.

This online casino was made for mobile use first and foremost, making it a breeze to get in and start snapping up some coins. When your wife comes back and notices you scurry your phone back in your pocket and asks you with a curious eye what you were up to, you can confidently reply, «Nothing dear», because at least it wasn’t what she thought you might be doing. Made for mobile: it even looks good on our crappy little Samsung. Yes, whether you’re on the mobile or sitting comfortably at your desk, the user experience of this casino is superb. Well organised, easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and above all, a fantastic array of games to suit every taste and wallet. You’ll be in and playing quicker than it took you to read the above paragraph!

Bonuses & Promotions

Welcome to the jungle baby. Leo Vegas has one of the best welcoming welcomes you’ve ever been welcomed with. Sign up and you will get 200 free spins just like that to get a feel for the place. Make some deposits and the rewards keep coming: First Deposit: Matches you 200% for a max amount of AU$100 + 180 free spins for selected games. So, if you bet AU$20 they will give you an extra AU$40 and also 180 free spins! Second Deposit: Matches you 100% for a max amount of AU$300. Deposit AU$35 and they’ll give you another AU$35.

Third Deposit: Matches you 50% for a max amount of AU$300. E. g. whack in AU$50 and they’ll give you back AU$25. Fourth Deposit: Matches you 50% for  max amount of AU$300.   Same as above. (Note: the above deposit bonuses are for Australians. It might differ from wherever you’re located.) At the time of writing (December 2015) Leo Vegas have several Christmas bonuses («Countdown to Christmas with AU$100k & 10 million spins!») happening, so we suggest visiting their Promotions page regularly to check for special or seasonal promotions.

Leo Vegas getting all Christmassy. The creepy lion could have been offset by a cute Santa hat, but don’t let that get in the way of 100K!

Software & Games

If you were to solemnly look up and begin to count the stars one crisp, clear night, that would be about as fruitful as trying to count the number of games in this casino. There’s shitloads. Dubbing itself «Europe’s biggest mobile casino», Leo Vegas serves games from some of the best online providers around, such as Net Entertainment, Microgaming, IGT, Bally, NextGen and more.

There’s such a huge variety of games that you will definitely not find yourself outside one crisp, clear night counting stars. Rather, your wife would be waxing poetic about the vastness of it all while your head will be stuck firmly in your mobile phone, grunting in agreement while you swipe your way through the casino’s handy categories. You will be poking through the hundreds of Pokies, checking out the latest Jackpots, rummaging through the Roulettes and staggering over the Table games. They even have Live Games where you can watch a real live human being spin your roulette wheel or deal your winning hand. Vast and impressive indeed.
«Yeah baby, amazing isn’t it?»


Lions (Leo is latin for lion) aren’t the first things that come to mind when you’re thinking casinos, but one has to wonder whether they chose this name in consideration of terms like strength and security. Would you feel secure with a lion as your friend? Probably. But leaving this branding speculation aside, Leo Vegas do take great pride in the strength of their security. They use 2048 bits SSL certificate from Digicert. Basically meaning you don’t have to worry, there’s a great big effing lion guarding your stuff; which translates to a guaranteed safe environment where intruders cannot intercept communication between you and your mobile, tablet or computer.