Most Popular International Leagues in Online Casino

The online casinos frequently launch classic advertising or bonus offers which lasts only for one or several months. A lot of of these promotional activities get appreciated by the gamblers and are being offered again and again. Every time such promotion offers get provided again gamblers start taking it more and finally it becomes a regular feature. This helps are lot like reality TV shows such as American Idol or the Celebrity Apprentice. Worldwide Casino Games is possibly the biggest ever continuation of this kind of bonus offer, Fortune Lounge online casino hosting it for 6th season at this time.

The opening ceremony of these International Games in Casinos took place in back of 2005. In these years it ran on pretty much identical concept. Fortune Lounge casinos commonly hold tournaments for few months. Except the conventional rewards such as loyalty points or the casino credits, a preestimated amount of fee for a luxury cruise trip are also given by authority to winners. After all the preliminary tournaments ends, Fortune Lounge offers a cruise to all cruise winners with one partners. This is a time to celebrate and is endorsed to everybody. More conspicuously cash prizes are accessible to win on cruise completions and prizes are usually to be extremely attractive. Fortune Lounge gave the cruise tickets to the four hundred winners with a cash prizes of 1 million Euro in first four seasons of competitions of International Casino.

The starting rounds of first International Casino tournament have launched in between 2005-2006. In year of 2006 over 100 of fortunate ticket winners got a week’s vacation cruise at islands of the beautiful Caribbean Princess. Campaigns such as tanning, snorkeling and drinking were offered by Fortune Lounge group in private cabanas at the stopovers.

Even on ship, gambling was continued. At end, first prize of an amount of $250, 000 was taken by Mr. Debbie H. An amount of $5000 and $1000 were also been given to the competitors as consolation prizes. In second season of this International Casino Games, amount of cruise winners were increased to hundred! That trip was started in 2007 having been Mediterranean.

This time highest cash prize was of $250, 000 which taken by Mr. Jacqueline P and secondary alliance prizes increased to $2, 500 and $10, 000. In third season cruise went to Mediterranean. An alteration in the completion was initiated at the 3rd season. Cash prizes were dispersed in a more acceptable manner. A sum of 50, 000 Euros were won by four gamblers each whereas six more of 40, 000 Euros won by gamblers.

In year of 2009-2010, casino Games were in fact going to have fifth season held globally. On the other hand, Microgaming software industry running online games in the Fortune Lounge Casinos, managed the largest events ever, «Liberty Bells» in the last year. All the online casinos were driven by the Microgaming, unquestionably took part in an enormous online tournament that offers a Lead prize of One million dollars. Consequently, Fortune Lounge group ended up in hosting tournament at that year. And yet, fifth season has started from October 2010. The starting rounds went on 8th February 2011 where fifty tickets for a cruise trip in the Caribbean Sea were won. The final winner got an amount of 50, 000 Euros while the rest three will be rewarded by 25, 000 Euros respectively.

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