Online Video Poker Games with Multi Hand

Few of the games at online poker casinos are titled as multi hand. These are commonly some table games like blackjack played by virtual cards as video poker games. Later the gambler places his bet he can go for a number of turns without staking any extra ante amounts. For so, it increases speed of game play and hence multi hand games are best chosen by gamblers who cannot bet at the online casinos at time-out.

There are few differences between a multi-hand video poker and a multi-hand table game. In the multi hand table session players have to perform each hand individually in turn. Again, in multi hand video poker gamblers have to play a single hand only and that effect is carried over to the rest hands. The Multi hand poker tables are limited to five hands, whereas the multi hand video poker can go up to hundred hands.

Various software makers have presented the multi hand video poker in two formats. Software makers like Playtech and Microgaming offer video poker with many number of hands in separate titles. If a gambler want to shift to another different number of hands, would need to open a new session. Again, software makers like Cryptologic and Rival Gaming provide players the scope to fix the number of hands within the game. By the way, it is more suitable. The numbers of hands generally available are of one, four, ten, twenty-five, fifty and hundred. Not the all software makers provide such wide range in all the variants of video poker.

When the number of hands are selected, then its basic game play rule is similar across all the software makers. Players choose the how much of the coins to put in bet and the size of coin as in single hand poker video games. When gamblers initiate game, 5 cards are dealt in large playing area. Cards that are to be played are identified in common manner. It is here so that multi hand video poker be different from the single hand one. Held cards are then moved face up to corresponding positions in all hands. The rest cards in hands remain unrevealed till the gambler clicks the Draw button. Then face down cards are revealed in sequence.

Each of the hands is individually compared with payout table and if any amounts won, credited to the gamblers. Most of the software maker offer double option, exact nature of which fluctuates. Though, these options are complimentary and allow the gambler a chance to twofold the payout amount won at the zero house edge as per his wish. The joking part is that if he uses the option and losses then he will lose his original payout.

With the intention of helping players in keeping track of happenings on screen, mostly when number of hands is more than 25, the software shows color coded texts across hands to recognize the hand ranking at a glance. A break up of total payout is also offered that gives details of number of hands for every paying hand ranking. Also, Most software maker offer speed setting options in these games. It is wise for the players to go with fastest speed setting. The key reason for wagering on the video poker multi hand games is to bet maximum hands within a given time and fastest speed setting will aid to fulfill this goal.

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