The Twisted Circus Mobile Pokies

Circuses bring up visions of ringmasters, clowns, tightrope walking acts and acts that feature exotic animals and unusual people. Now it can also bring up the vision of cash prize achievements for casino games who play the Twisted Circus mobile pokies on their handheld mobile device. Twisted Circus is a popular Microgaming mobile pokies which is now available to Australian players through the All Slots mobile pokies casino.  

Playing All Slots Casino pokies brings a Las Vegas casino adventure to your gaming screen. Regardless of whether you’re playing on your PC or your mobile smartphone or tablet device you’ll enjoy all of the casino amenities that you’d experience if you were playing at a land-based casino including bright, vivid graphic images, easy navigational tools and convenient digital banking options that allow you to place your bets and collect your wins easily and efficiently.  

Thanks to the mobile platform you’ll be able to click into the casino on your mobile browser or via the mobile app and play at any time and from any location at your convenience. Regardless of whether you’re riding the bus on the way to work, sitting at your work station on a work break, waiting in line at the supermarket or relaxing on your back porch swing before you go to bed at night you’ll be able to open Twisted Circus or any other mobile pokies and play for free in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode at your leisure.  


According to historians, people have been”going to the circus”for thousands of years. The circuses of today however are wildly different than the circuses that were known in ancient Greece and Rome. In Rome amphitheaters were flooded and naval battles were reenacted. Other acts included horse and chariot races and performances commemorating important events. Greek circuses were held in hippodromes and involves horse and chariot racing.  

By the 18 th and 19 th centuries circus managers were creating acts that focused on exhibitions of wild or unusual animals. There were also people exhibited in cages whose abilities or deformities were deemed to be of interest and therefore, exotic. The circus traveled by wagon and, later, by train, with the goal of offering amusement to young and old alike.  In these circuses entire troupes, including the animal acts, moved together from place to place. It was the dream of many youngsters to”run away to the circus”which was viewed as the ultimate escape.  

Everyone always awaited the arrival of the circus  with eager anticipation. When a circus came to an Australian town, small or large, the people of the town would prepare for days in advance. They wanted to be on hand, not only for the circus itself but also for the set-up and practice acts. In some communities the events hall or a theatre would be given over to the circus acts while at other times the circus would spread out its own big tent in a nearby field and the attendees could observe the circus while they sat in the weedy field.  

You’ll enjoy circus entertainment in a leisurely atmosphere of mobile gaming when you play Twisted Circus pokies.  

Twisted Circus Pokies

To play Twisted Circus, start by depositing your bets. Twisted Circus is a 243 Ways to Win game so you don’t have to enable individual paylines in order to play for real money. You deposit your wagers on the spins and every completed pay way delivers a payout. Game symbols include Siamese twins, monkeys, ringmasters, bearded ladies, a strong man, a half-man-half-woman, fire eaters and snake ladies. Whenever three matching symbols appear concurrently on three consecutive reels with the first symbol on the left-most reel, you achieve your win.  

There are also options for wins if two matching symbols plus the game’s Wild – the Twisted Circus logo – appear on a spin. In that case the Wild takes the place of the missing third symbol and a win is created. If you achieve a win with the inclusion of a Wild symbol your payout is tripled.  

Scatters and Free Spins

When two admission tickets appear in any position on the reels you are awarded a scatter combination payout and three admission tickets gains you entry into the free spins round. Scatter combination payouts are determined by the number of coins that you wagered on the regular game spin that triggered the scatter win, then multiplied by the game’s scatter combination payout value 

Three Admission Ticket symbols admit you into the Free Spins round. In this round you spin for free and take home the resulting payouts from those spins.  The slot machine automatically triggers the Free Spins round when you achieve 3 scatters on a regular game spin. You will then receive 15 free spin and a triple multiplier on any free spins wins. When a Ringmaster symbol emerges on the third, fourth or fifth reels during a free spin you will receive your winning payout along with an invitation to join the Twisted Circus Bonus Game.  

Bonus Game

Participating in the bonus game boosts your take-home wins further. The free spins round pauses whenever a free spin  results in the Ringmaster appearing on the third, fourth or fifth reel. Then the bonus game starts, presenting you with 16 stars. You choose any of the 16 starts and as the star twists and turns it will display  one of the circus performers who has been hiding behind the star.   By matching three stars you’ll be able to collect a bonus game payout. In the Bonus game the symbols that you match determines your payout value since each symbol match delivers a different payout win amount.

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